Boujee or Boozy?

boujee, boozy, boujee migos

Have you ever heard that song "Bad and Boujee"  by Migos?

lol, well that's where our name originated from. It's a long story that I will have to get into one day.

Even though that's where our name came from, we are not the boujee types. We ARE Boozy, just not boujee. 😉

We are a California themed wine tour, so with that being said, think of a chill day out, with cool people, just having a good time! What California is all about.

I used to think that when you had wine, you had to have your nose in the air and your pinky out. hahaha That's definitely not the case!

(disclaimer: If you are that way, that's totally fine. You do you boo boo!! Just know that there are many Temecula Limo companies that you can choose from! )

Going wine tasting is all about the experience and the memories made with your friends and family! We want to be that experience that you will remember forever and tell your friends about!

So if you are ready for your Temecula experience, and you are the Boozy type, click that button! 😄

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