Boujee or Boozy?

Have you ever heard that song “Bad and Boujee”Β  by Migos? lol, well that’s where our name originated from. It’s a long story that I will have to get into one day. Even though that’s where our name came from, we are not the…

Peltzer Winery – Father’s Day Cornhole Tournament

Peltzer Winery All you RAD DADS out there, this one’s for you! We’re celebrating Father’s Day with a good old fashioned COMPETITION. Grab your crew because we’re holding our first ever Cornhole Tournament… and the prizes? CASH, y’all! Β  Keep in mind: This is…

California Heat – Keeping it cool in our VW’s

Summer is still hanging around and giving us some of that California heat, but that’s okay with us! We will just have a air-conditioning fight! πŸ˜‚ About Us

Brew Tours / Wine Tours Souvenir T-Shirts

We officially launched Van’N Boozy Temecula Wine and Brew tours on March 24th. Fun Fact, since opening, Sarah and I have both only had one T-shirt each to wear during our tours! That’s 3.5 months of wearing one T-Shirt!! LOL We are the type…

California Love

We LOVE our California! β™₯ Making a stop for some food along the way. When you take a tour with us, we are on your time! California πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Reserve your date!

Boozy1 has been seeing a lot of time in the streets lately. 🌴🌴 Calendar is looking like Lil Wayne… #markedup πŸ“† πŸ˜„ Email or call us to reserve your day! (951)401-1001 . . Happiest Tour in Temecula . . Learn more

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