Now Hiring!

Now Hiring!!
Everyone who supports us on social media or has gone out with us before knows what we’re all about!
If you know someone in the #Temecula #Murrieta area who would be a good fit for team Van’N Boozy let them know!!

▪︎Part Time “work”
▪︎Stick Shift Friendly
▪︎Knows how to have a good time!!

Send us a email at or send us a DM on our Instagram account! . Tell us a little about yourself!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Engaged on a Van’N Boozy Wine Tour

 - Engagement -
Have you been thinking about ways to propose to that special someone in your life??
Why not go on a Van'N Boozy wine tour ... or brew tour 🙂 and just pop the question?!
We recently had a VERY special day on one of our tours.

This couple started as boyfriend and girlfriend at the beginning of the tour...

and ended the tour as a engaged couple! 💕😍

We love that he chose Van'N Boozy for this special day that will be remembered forever!

Would you just look at those smiles?! Just look at it! 😃

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Wine Enthusiast Top 10!

If you don’t know… now you know! Wine Enthusiast awarded Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country 🍷🍇 as a 10 Best Wine Getaway for 2019!

It’s pretty exciting, because not only is there only 10 chosen..there were only two North American states on the list, California being one of them, and Temecula Valley Wine Country the only Wine destination chosen in California!

Being a new business in Temecula Valley, we knew this was a hidden gem when we started. It’s still a baby compared to other “Wine Countries” but don’t let that fool you. Temecula Valley Wine Country is set to grow, with the quality of wine that everyone is falling in love with and the experiences that Temecula has to offer! Not to mention, there is also Old Town with amazing restaurants and shopping, and Pechanga Resort and Casino, which is always a great time!

We are very excited to be a part of this growing community and we love giving visitors (and locals) a unforgettable experience while keeping the community safe from drunk driving.

We would love to hear if you planned your trip here because of the article in Wine Enthusiast! 🍷🥂🍾

Read more on Visit Temecula Valley:

Book a tour of this amazing place 😃 :

VW Bus Tour

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Experience Temecula in a VW Bus !!

A lot of people have gone on Wine tours or Brewery tours, but have taken the typical limo, party bus, or large bus that you are on with a lot of people..

When we came up with the idea of Van’N Boozy, we wanted to give people a whole different experience. A VW Bus ! Temecula is such a pretty place, we didn’t want to block it out with dark tint or seats that face each other. We thought everyone needs to be able to see the beauty that is outside!

If you haven’t been on one of our tours yet, it’s not quite like a tour. It’s a experience! We wanted to make this experience enjoyable, laid back, with great music and no rushing from spot to spot! Plus we take photos for you throughout the day! 📷📷

The wineries, breweries, and distilleries that we work with are all specially picked also.  A lot of people like to be surprised in where we are taking them, but if you ask us, we can tell you. 😊

Last but not least! We want to keep our community safe from the dangers of drinking and driving, so we pick up/drop off at your house/hotel or AirBnB in the Temecula/Murrieta* area, and if that doesn’t work with your plans, we also let Designated Drivers ride free!! Everyone becomes our friends after the day, and we want to see our friends get home safe!

Experience Temecula the Classic California way, we are BOOZY 🍺🍷🍸 not Boujee 😅😅


If you would like to book a tour, or send in a inquiry please contact us by email or call/text (951)401-1001

Now offering Gift Cards, get your orders in before the holidays are here! 🎄🎁🎀


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Gift Cards now Available!

Linda Linda Listen!!  GIFT CARDS!
I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet…. but for all you go getters out there, our Gift Cards are available just in time for the Holidays!!

Not only is it a awesome gift, but its a gift that will create great memories!  💚The gift that keeps on giving. 😄

Send us a email or give us a call/text 951-401-1001 and we will get your Gift Card order set up!

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Twilight Brew Tour

Twilight Brew Tour !

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Did you know we have a “Twilight Brew Tour?” 🍻

So if you are too busy adulting during the day.. we’ve got you covered for the evening! 🌟🌛

Learn More


It was a perfect night out in Temecula for a Twilight Brew Tour. This group that took us out the other night was a blast ! It was actually two groups… but can you even tell?! Everyone had new friends by the end of the evening!

Sometimes, certain days become very busy with bookings, everyone seems to want that day for a tour, so we tell people that they will be joining another group in getting Boozy! We are never worried about combining groups, because everyone that has ever gone out on a wine tour or brew tour with us have been the most awesome people! So we tell you not to worry about joining another group, but be excited, because you will end up with some new friends by the end of the day!


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Poppin’ Bottles

I know there’s a lot of #rappers out there who brag about #poppinbottles
…. and that’s cool 😏

This is a casual Monday for Van’N Boozy & friends at Kalifornia Distilleries
☀️poppin bottles, bottles, rapper, club, popping bottles

T-Shirt Giveaway!!

We decided we want to do something fun again online, sooo we are going to do a T-Shirt giveaway ! 😄😄

This contest is still in the works, so stay tuned! We will be posting contest details on our social media accounts, so be sure to fgiveaway, contest, win, tshirtsollow us on Instagram and Facebook if you want a chance of winning!  😁🎊🎉

California Heat – Keeping it cool in our VW’s

Summer is still hanging around and giving us some of that California heat, but that’s okay with us! We will just have a air-conditioning fight! 😂

About Uscalifornia heat, heat, air conditioner, cali

Sunset Brew Tour


SUNSET BREW TOUR has just been added to our experiences that we offer! 😄😄
If you enjoy your beer in the evenings, or need to take the edge off after a long day of work, we've got you covered!


As always..
-We pick you up/drop you off at your house, Airbnb, or hotel in the Temecula/Murrieta area.
-Tastings are included at all 3 stops, as well as photos of your evening out.
-We are on California Time, so relax at each stop, and feel free to order a cold one after your tasting!


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