Twilight Brew Tour

Twilight Brew Tour !

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Did you know we have a “Twilight Brew Tour?” 🍻

So if you are too busy adulting during the day.. we’ve got you covered for the evening! 🌟🌛

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It was a perfect night out in Temecula for a Twilight Brew Tour. This group that took us out the other night was a blast ! It was actually two groups… but can you even tell?! Everyone had new friends by the end of the evening!

Sometimes, certain days become very busy with bookings, everyone seems to want that day for a tour, so we tell people that they will be joining another group in getting Boozy! We are never worried about combining groups, because everyone that has ever gone out on a wine tour or brew tour with us have been the most awesome people! So we tell you not to worry about joining another group, but be excited, because you will end up with some new friends by the end of the day!


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